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I just realised I had this in my drafts

after the Decemberists concert I wrote down things that I remembered about it, I should actually post this seeing as I’ve not done anything with it since March

Best bits:

CM: We have scriptwriters backstage to compile all our bon mots.

JM: Is that French? I don’t speak French! Why are you speaking French.

CM: “Bon mots”? Yeah… It’s French.

(later) JM: Does it mean “good bits”?

CM: (very quietly) Yes, well done John. (goes on to count in next song in French)

JC: What kind of bees make milk? Boobies!

Audience member: Is this what goes on in the bus?

CF: (after being enigmatic and stoic all evening) No, we read the bible.

(Talking about Sara watkins’ new dress)

CM: I said she looks like something out of one of those old British sixties films like 12 Angry Men.

Audience member: HOT TOTTY!

CM: … Totty? We don’t know what that means! It’s always the way, you Brits picking on the naive Yanks!

Colin threw a bottlecap at John and it pinged off one of his mikes.

CM: That’s why you have all those mikes! To protect you! (tries again, this time the cap hits John but rests on his shirt pocket, looking like it stuck on his chest like a badge, the audience cheers)

CM: That was cool! When you work in showbusiness you see a lot of cool things, but I think that might be the coolest of them all.

After the screaming bit of Mariner’s Revenge Colin stopped to tune his guitar and JOHN GOT TO THROW HIS DRUMSTICK AT HIM AHAHA REVENGE

Nate hardly said anything but made a wonderful noise to illustrate “and the Captain quailed” which sounded more like vexed nausea than mortal dread

also Colin’s instructions for how the audience should scream in Mariner’s Revenge went on for like five minutes “… and then your midsection gets pulverised by the teeth but you’re still alive so you’re WATCHING and that’s the real terror of it, seeing your intestines flailing around you…” screaming was fun.

Sara Watkins singing Won’t Want For Love was AMAZING and her little arm flails and leg pops are the cutest thing everChimbley Sweep derailed into John singing the Blues halfway through (with Colin drumming) which went on for like ten minutes and involved him mounting Chris’s instrument (steel guitar?), wandering about like a madman and doing a long spoken bit about how Colin throws things at him

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